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The End of a Year Brings About New Beginnings

Here at FCS 2018 has been a year of adventure.  From a cold January morning when a small fire forced the relocation of 700 students and then around 75 staff members for a month, to the revision of our strategic plan in the district, to a later than normal start of the school year there have been many opportunities for the district and the team to come together for the collective good of all involved.  That is exactly what has happened over the course of this year.  This year has provided unique opportunities for all of us to work as a community to deal with the difficult and the unknown. 

There is much to be excited about through the challenges that 2018 have presented.  There have been steady improvements through adversity as one can see through the increase in scores on our report card, the Intermediate building earning the Momentum Award for the third year in a row, our high school volleyball team winning a league title, and setting the mark for overall wins in a season, a new single game rushing record in football, our performance groups excelling and being the best in the area.  Then we look at the start of our children’s choir at Riley, and the other various opportunities that we have for our students to participate in giving back whether it be through helping at the annual community dinner, various collection drives both locally, and nationally, our Relay for Life drives, blood drives and so many more the list could go on. 

The message is consistent and needs to continue that there is great opportunity and accomplishment when willing to work to overcome adversity, partner with one another, and have a passion for making a difference on a daily basis.  As we move into 2019 this is the focus.  The upcoming year is going to be very exciting for our district.  The future of our school district is being built in front of us daily.  As we move towards the fall we will be moving all of our students on to one campus. This continues to open the doors of opportunity for providing unique experiences for our students.  As we make decisions in the district we are making those with the thought “what is best for kids”.  I think this is evident in the opportunities that we have started with updating our curriculum over the past several years, some of which had not been done in over a decade, implementing a 1:1 initiative with our technology in grades 5-12, and the community partnerships that we have been creating with organizations and businesses in Fostoria.  I am very excited with the progress that is occurring in the work to expose our students to careers early and often throughout the years and at various age groups so that the students have multiple opportunities to reflect on what they would like their future to look like. 

All of our work is wrapped in the vision of the district “Inspire. Succeed. Leave a Legacy.”  This year has provided us the opportunity to overcome and stay on course, and I am sure that the upcoming year will provide many more opportunities to demonstrate our growth and achievements.  As John F. Kennedy once said “Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or an equal motivation, but they should have an equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves”.  These words coupled with our vision provide the reminder of what a privilege it is to work with the students, staff, and community on a daily basis.  I wish you all a Happy Holiday season and look forward to what the New Year has in store for all of us. 



80% of students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiency on the Spring English Language Arts OST (Grades 3- ELA II) and/or Spring NWEA MAP Growth Reading (K-2) by June 2021. Note - this goal will be tiered to reflect 70% Spring 2019; 75% Spring 2020; 80% Spring 2021


80% of students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiency on the Spring Math OST (Grades 3- HS EOC) and/or Spring NWEA MAP Growth Math (K-2) by June 2021. Note - this goal will be tiered to reflect 70% Spring 2019; 75% Spring 2020; 80% Spring 2021


100% of staff will increase their knowledge and utilization of evidence-based strategies related to increasing academic engagement by June 2021.


100% of staff and students will be engaged with setting, monitoring, and reflecting on goals focused on increasing academic achievement.


Ensure equitable access to excellent educators across all buildings and programs in the district through data review, root cause analysis, and the development of strategies designed to address any gap due to teacher inexperience.


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