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Fostoria City Schools Community,

As we prepare for the upcoming 2020-21 school year there are many uncertainties and it is safe to say that the plan that is being released for reopening is a plan that is based on where we are now and will need to be flexible throughout the upcoming school year.  The goal of the district is to return our students and staff back to our school buildings this fall following guidelines from the state and our local health department in order to do our best to work through this ongoing pandemic.  Over the past months, the district has been working in collaboration with local staff, but also the Seneca County Health Department as well as the other Seneca County school districts.  Through this collaborative work, a plan has been developed to work to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure to all involved in the school system.  

The plan is an evolving plan with details that still need to be worked out, but we are at a point where we will be finalizing schedules, bus routes, and other logistical details.   The following points will get this process set in motion:


  • The school year for students will start on September 1 as scheduled.
    • We are looking into the idea of starting the year with a rolling start where we would bring a few grades into each building per day to have some extra time to stress the new routines that will need to be followed.  We will provide more details on this as they are finalized.
  • It is our intent to offer in-class learning 5 days a week.
  • The district will also offer an In-Home (virtual) option for those who choose not to return to the traditional setting due to the pandemic.  This will be a decision that will require a commitment for a semester at a time.  If you select this option, you must submit the In-Home Learning Registration form included in this article.  If a form is not returned students will be scheduled into a traditional classroom setting.
  • The district is still designing the specifics of a face covering policy for students.  As we work through the guidance from the state, and any upcoming orders from the health departments we will continue to update this.   It is important to stress that students should be prepared for the need to have a face-covering available during the school day.
  • Teachers and staff will be required to wear a face mask/shield when working in close proximity to students.
  • Bus routes will require families to sit together as much as possible, but will also run at capacity.  A face covering will be required for students riding the bus.  If you want your child to ride the bus during the upcoming school year and they meet the current eligibility requirements please submit the transportation form that is included in this article.
  • The district has worked to increase the availability of hand sanitizer, and other sanitizing methods to be used frequently in the buildings.
  • We will be promoting good hygiene practices throughout the district as well. 

Over the next six weeks, the district will continue to refine this plan and will be sharing information via email, social media, and our website.  

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