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2020-2021 Dress Code & School Fees

Last evening the Fostoria Board of Education approved waiving the Campus Wear requirement and payment of school fees for the 2020-2021 school year ONLY. Students will need to follow the dress code, if/when they are physically in session at the school building, as outlined below:

Redmen spirit days would also be acceptable all days as an example of what can be worn.

• No sweat or athletic pants.
• No stretch pants/ leggings (7-12); students in grades PK-6 will still be allowed to wear leggings as in the past.
• Pants with pockets must have standard front and back pockets. No side zippers, Pant pockets may be sewn on the outside of the pants.
• Pants must be worn at the waist. The waist is defined as the area between the rib cage and the top of the hipbone.
Dress Shorts/Capris
• No sweat or athletic shorts
• Shorts with pockets must have standard front and back pockets. No side zippers, shorts. Pant pockets may be sewn on the outside of the pants
• Length is to be at the knee or below.

• Skirts may be straight or pleated.
• The length must be at the top of the knee or longer.
• Skirts and jumpers must have a finished hem and be worn at the waist.
Shirts, Sweaters, Sweatshirts
• All shirt, sweaters, and sweatshirts should reach the waist, and cover the shoulders etc., and not reference drugs, alcohol, weapons, gangs, etc.
• Entire foot must be covered (toes and heels)
• Shoes with closures must be worn as intended (i.e., tied shoes must be tied)
• Shoes must have a hard sole
• Heels on shoes cannot be higher than two inches.
All Clothing
• Clothing must be clean and in good repair
• Undergarments should NEVER be visible
• Special Groups and Organizations may wear school appropriate “team” attire with prior approval by the building principal.
• Administrators reserve the right to make final determinations regarding dress code compliance. Students are not to be attired in clothing that compromises safety or modesty or is disruptive to the educational process. The following are examples but not limited to, inappropriate attire:
• No hats, other head coverings or sunglasses will be worn in the building.

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