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special education  This message is for any parent who has a child(ren) who receives special education services through an IEP and who is due, this spring, for either their Review IEP or 3-year Reevaluation for continued eligibility for services.  Please know, that despite the mandatory school closing, Fostoria City Schools plans to keep our IEP and ETR timelines by holding meetings to complete these documents.  These meetings will not be held in the traditional manner and instead may be accomplished through phone conferences, video conferences, or other innovative ways to hold them.  The plan will be to email drafts of documents to parents to allow them to follow along during the meeting.  We ask that you plan to participate, as you would have if school was in session.  A representative from the school who is in charge of the meeting will be contacting you to set up the meeting as the due date nears.  This may be via phone call, email, or through other means.  If you already have a meeting scheduled, please plan for the meeting to go on as planned unless you hear otherwise.  Please be diligent in checking your email for any correspondence.  We thank you for your continued participation in these very important processes to ensure your child’s educational success and wish you all well during this difficult time.  

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The Audited Financial Report is available for public viewing on the Auditor of State website:
auditsearch/results.aspx - Audit Search - Search Keyword: Fostoria City Schools District or by visting the Treasurer's Office at 1001 Park Avenue, Fostoria, OH 44830 (Please call in advance @ 419-436-4162).

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