If I move during the school year, how do I change my child's bus stop?

Contact your child’s school, and provide the necessary proof of the address change.  The school will provide the change of address to the transportation office.  Eligibility for transportation will then be determined, and a bus pass can be generated.

If the bus is late, will my child be marked tardy?

No. Students are not marked tardy if their school bus arrives to school late.

Do buses have radios so the driver can be contacted or call for help?

Yes, all school buses are equipped with two way radios that contact the transportation office, and the local police department.

Whom should I call if my child is having a problem with a student on the bus?

You can contact the FCS Transportation Office at (419) 436-4105

Do school buses have bus assistants?

Bus assistants are provided for students with disabilities based on individualized education requirements.

What responsibilities does the bus driver have while transporting children?

The driver is responsible for transporting students to and from school, safely and on time. This responsibility includes: operation of the vehicle, supervision of boarding and discharge, supervision of students while they ride the bus, reporting safety and behavior incidents to the principal, and being sure that children are seated properly.

Is the driver allowed to leave small children at a bus stop if no adult is there to meet the child?

Currently, as a general rule, students in kindergarten through grade 12 can exit the school bus if no adult is there to meet them. Pre-school (3-4 year old) students cannot be left at a bus stop if there is no adult there to meet them. If the parent desires, they can be responsible for someone to meet the child every day. Parents are asked and encouraged to wait with students at bus stops and meet students at drop off.

If a student appears afraid or unwilling to be left at the stop, the student should communicate this to the driver and the driver will keep the student on the bus and continue on the route until a parent can be contacted. Parents should make sure their children are familiar with the surroundings at their bus stop and know the safest route to walk home if no one is there to meet them.

How many students are allowed on each bus?

This varies according to the size of the school bus. Full-size buses can accommodate up to 65-72 students. Everyone must be seated and there is no standing allowed.

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