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Where does the time go?  It seems that we were just starting the school year and now the year is ending.  Over the journey that has been the 2018-19 school year, there are so many activities, achievements, and memories that define the school district.  It is only fitting that we start with the group that starts each day for our students, the transportation department.  This group of drivers traveled over 171,000 miles on the roads getting students to and from school and then there were an additional 422 trips for extra-curricular activities, and field trips.  These are some of the greatest learning opportunities and experiences that we can offer our students. I want to give a public thank you to our maintenance and custodial staff next as they also play a significant role in getting our buildings ready for operation each day, whether it is unlocking classrooms, cleaning, plowing snow, repairing boilers, and the list goes on, we cannot operate without their hard work and dedication.  Moving right along is the next stop in the building upon arrival for many of our students.  This is the cafeteria.  Our food service department served over 279,000 meals to our students this year, and then you can add in the banquets and other special events that they have catered along the way.  Moving through the day to the classrooms our staff of teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators worked tirelessly to provide a positive educational experience for our students. This year alone brought several changes to what is offered in the district, whether it was the Early College Program partnership with Terra State, or the 1:1 Chromebook initiative, to the new science curriculum there were opportunities to experience new ways to learn throughout the year.  As we move into the next school year we are looking forward to new opportunities with our arts, foreign language, technology, physical education, health, and careers courses.  It is a rewarding experience to see the opportunities that our staff has worked to create for our students over the last several years. 

We have looked at what our staff has accomplished, but the main ingredient to our school district is our students and families.  Without all of you, we are not able or needed to do what we do.  For that, I am extremely grateful for each day that I have the opportunity to serve this school district and community.  This year was a great year for our students of all ages.  Whether it is our youngest leaders setting and reaching goals that stretched their learning further than ever before, or to our students learning how to play an instrument for the first time, winning a league championship in volleyball, going to state contest for the band, or having national qualifiers in our DECA program.  These are just a few of the highlights of what our 1850 students have accomplished this year.  Many of the buildings have covered these highlights as well so I do not want to be repetitive. 

All of these accomplishments come with a story, a struggle, challenges, obstacles, and rewards that are unique to the individual situation.  This is what it means to Inspire. Succeed. Leave a Legacy.  At times the tasks seem overwhelming but that only makes success that much more rewarding.  To all of these groups, I want to offer my sincerest thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to what our future holds in the years to come.  Together We are Redmen!



80% of students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiency on the Spring English Language Arts OST (Grades 3- ELA II) and/or Spring NWEA MAP Growth Reading (K-2) by June 2021. Note - this goal will be tiered to reflect 70% Spring 2019; 75% Spring 2020; 80% Spring 2021


80% of students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiency on the Spring Math OST (Grades 3- HS EOC) and/or Spring NWEA MAP Growth Math (K-2) by June 2021. Note - this goal will be tiered to reflect 70% Spring 2019; 75% Spring 2020; 80% Spring 2021


100% of staff will increase their knowledge and utilization of evidence-based strategies related to increasing academic engagement by June 2021.


100% of staff and students will be engaged with setting, monitoring, and reflecting on goals focused on increasing academic achievement.


Ensure equitable access to excellent educators across all buildings and programs in the district through data review, root cause analysis, and the development of strategies designed to address any gap due to teacher inexperience.


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