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The Power of Goal Setting

Goals are a natural part of life and come in an ever -ending amount. There are numerous ideas and tasks that can or we believe should be accomplished over a given period of time. For our school district, there are many goals that we want to accomplish as well. The process we use, the 4 Disciplines of Execution, define our goals. Through this process, the district determines what the 1-2 most important tasks to be completed are, how they will be measured, what the individual roles are, and regularly tracking the progress. As with any organization, there are more than 1-2 tasks that need to be accomplished over the course of the year. However, what the district is looking for when narrowing this down is something that will guide the district to being better than ever before. As a district, we wanted to develop a goal system that everyone, no matter your role in the district, can work towards.

This year the focus is on graduation. For us, graduation is not just a ceremony. While that is the symbolic culmination of a student’s educational journey with the district, there are many pieces of the puzzle that make up our daily work to get students to that day. Examples of what I mean include: making sure that students are in attendance on a regular basis; students are reading on grade level by the end of third grade if not sooner; exposure to new and unique opportunities through our regular curriculum, attending the vocational schools; participating in the college-credit plus program; and teaching leadership skills to our students through the Leader in Me, to name a few. This clearly is not an exhaustive list, but it does show how all staff, families and the community can help to get our students to graduation.

Over the past four years, we have worked to increase our 4-year graduation rate by 13% as measured on the Local Report Card. It is our intent to take what has now become a C and continue to raise that grade. The district missed a B on this measure by .1% on the most recent report and are only 4% points away from an A. If the district continues to move along in this positive direction scores across many other areas of the LRC will go up as well. The end result of our efforts needs to be having students who are prepared to go into the workforce, pursue a college degree, or to join the military, and ultimately become productive members of our global society. 



70% of students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiency OR reduce their deficiency from 70% by half on the Spring English Language Arts OST Grades 3- 8/HS EOC by June 2023. Benchmarks: 2021 = 60%; 2022 = 65%; 2023 = 70%


70% of students will meet or exceed grade-level proficiency OR reduce their deficiency from 70% by half on the Spring Mathematics OST Grades 3- 8/HS EOC by June 2023. Benchmarks: 2021 = 60%; 2022 = 65%; 2023 = 70% 


100% of Fostoria City Schools students will enter high school with an identified post-secondary goal and 4 year written academic plan by 2023.


100% of Fostoria City Schools Special Education students will be prepared and able to achieve a level of competence, self-reliance, disability awareness and independence, based on their own unique abilities, so each transition successfully to their future by 2023.


100% of Fostoria City Schools' staff will create safe and healthy family, school, and community environments by promoting healthy social/emotional development by 2023.


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