Scheduling Process for FJSHS 2022-2023

It is time to begin the scheduling process for the school year 2022-2023. The school counselors will work with individual students to ensure that all students are entered into required classes by making requests. This is completed both with group and individual meetings. Parents are welcome to contact the respective counselor with any questions throughout the process. We begin by reviewing with the students their academic plan, and what they will require based on their need to meet graduation requirements. 

The first step is making requests based on need for each individual student. Mr. Earl will be meeting with students who will be entering grades 10 through 12 next year. Mrs. Vogel will coordinate requests for students entering grades 7-9 next year. This will be accomplished through classroom visits, coordination with staff, administration, and individual student conferences. 

There are requirements for each grade level based on the state and district standards. Also, students who are taking CCP, or applying to Vocational schools, or other specialized programs will have specific requirements and will be coordinated as needed. 

We will be including a flier from the Ohio Department of Education that demonstrates those state requirements. Our district has specific requirements as well, bringing the total number of credits to 22 for graduation.

Once the requests are made by each student, the next step is to build the master schedule (daily schedule), based on need and number of students requesting courses. When the master is complete, then the next step is to enter the students into a computer program that establishes their schedule. Schedules are generally available for viewing by the end of the school year. These will definitely change if a student is going to need to complete work in summer school. Also, new students transferring into Fostoria will work with their school counselor to ensure they have the opportunity to meet their requirements. 

If you have questions regarding this process please feel free to contact the Counseling Office at 419-436-4110 ext. 7105.

Thank you,

Shawn Earl, School Counselor grades 10-12

Teresa Vogel, School Counselor grades 7-9


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