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Staff Forms

Forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you need  Acrobat Reader, click the HERE to download the latest version.

Health Enrollment/Change Form
Coresource Dental Enrollment Form
VSP Enrollment Form


BE-96 - Meeting Expense Voucher
BE-96a - Meal Expense Reimbursement Form
BE-106 - Extended Service
BE-106A - Employee Monthly Report of Mileage
BE-108 - Change of Name/Address/Telephone Form
BE-144 - Employee Emergency Information Form
ES-66-Tuition Reimbursement
SA-01 & SA-02 - Statement of Purpose & Student Activity Budget
SA-03 - Sales Project Potential Form
SA-04 - Reconciliation Form
SA-05 - Cash Proof Form
SA-06 - Student Accountability Records
SA-07 - Deposit Log
SA-08 - Ticket Reconciliation Form
SA-09 - Student Contract
SA-10 - Ticket Sales Project Potential
SA-11 - Record of Ticket Accountability
SA-12 - Record of Cash Accountability
Fund Transfer Request
Gift Card Pre-Approval Request Form
Gift Card Acknowledgment Form
District Support Organization Annual Registration (Form 9211)
Direct Deposit Application
Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) Election Form
Salary Time Sheet
IAT Time Sheet
2020-2021 Payroll Schedule
Hourly Time Sheet 2020-2021
Hourly Time Sheet - BUS DRIVERS ONLY - 2020-2021
Refund Request
Form W-4 (2020)
State IT-4 Withholding Exemption Certificate
Substitute Referral Form

Employment Forms
Board of Education Supplemental Recommendations
Extra Duty Contract Statement of Past Experience
Recommendation for Board Action - Payroll Authorization
Letter of Intent
Receipt of Job Description Acknowledgement
Teacher Contract Recommendation Form
Receipt of Fraud Reporting System Information Acknowledgement
BCI/FBI Authorization Form - Volunteers
Waiver of Liability

Evaluation Tools
Paraprofessional Personnel
Secretarial Personnel
EMIS Coordinator
School Counselor
Bus Driver
Custodial Personnel
Food Service Personnel
Supplemental Evaluation
Head Coach
Assistant Coach

iPad Faculty Use Agreement
Staff Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety

Request for Transportation by Private Vehicle 8660 F1
Parental Consent for Transportation by Private Vehicle 8660 F2
McKinney-Vento Transporation Request Form

Field Trips
Checklist for Trips
Shuttle Request Form
Educational Field Trip Request Form
Proposal for Overnight/Extended Student Trips
Parent Consent for Field Trip


Accident Reports
Notification of Head Injury
ES-44 - Student Accident Report Form
ES-44B - Employee Accident Report Form
ES-44C - Non-Employee Accident Report Form 

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
BBP Exposure Control Plan (ECP)
Waiver of Vaccination for Hepatitis B (8453.01 F1)
BBP Training Record (8453.01 F2)
BBP Exposure Report - Staff (8453.01 F3)
Hepatitis B Vaccination Request (8453.01 F4)
Notification to Parents on BBP (8453.01 F5)
Request to Parent for Blood Test (8453.01 F6)
BBP Exposure Report - Student (8453.02 F1)
Notification to Parents Regarding BBP Practices (8453.02 F2)
Post Exposure Evaluation & Follow Up Checklist
Exposure Control Pan Review Dates
BBP Exposure Incident Investigation Form
Sharps Injury Log

Public Records Request 8310 F1
Public Records Inspection/Copying Record 8310 F
Response to Public Records Request 8310 F3
Record of Access to Personnel File 8320 F1
Request to Inspect and Review Personnel File 8320 F2
Request for Amendment to Personnel Record 8320 F3
Action Regarding Requested Amendment to Personnel Records 8320 F4

Restraint & Seclusion
Restraint & Seclusion Incident Reporting Form
Restraint & Seclusion Incident Debriefing Form


ODJFS School Report Form
Child Abuse Report Form

Bullying and Intimidation Year End Reporting Form
Admin/Admin Support Staff Application to Use Sick Leave Bank
AFSCME Application to Use Sick Leave Bank
FEA Application to Use Sick Leave Bank
BE-149 Permission to Distribute Materials
Equipment Lending Agreement
7510-A Building Use Rental Fee Schedule
Rental/Use of School Facilities
7510-C PAC Rental Form
Consent for Release of Information
Consent for Records Release
Expulsion Referral Form
Homeless/McKinney-Vento Verification Form
Maintenance Work Order
Media Contact Authorization
Receipt/Acknowledgement Form
Requisition Request Form
Supplies and Materials Inventory Form
Tornado & Fire Drill Reporting Form

Title I School-Parent Compact (English)
Title I School-Parent Compact (Spanish)


Crowdfunding Request Form

Expanded FMLA - COVID (Federal Employees)
Expanded FMLA - COVID (Non-Federal Employees)                                                                  


FCS Upcoming Events


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