DECA & the RedZone


Prepares emerging leaders & entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality & management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

"With over a 60 year history, DECA has touched the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals since it was founded in 1946.  Their strong connection with our organization has resonated into a brand that people identify as a remarkable experience in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.  DECA's programs and activities have constantly evolved as we use the latest technology and apply cutting edge educational research.  Our core focus has remained consistent and is captured in our mission." (

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Michele Hollister
Marketing Teacher

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Fostoria DECA FAQs:

What is DECA? 

DECA is an organization for students interested in business and marketing.

How do you join DECA?

Students automatically become a part of DECA when they enroll in any of Mrs. Hollister's business or marketing courses (Introduction to Marketing, Business Foundations/Personal Finance, and Advanced Marketing.

What do you do in DECA?

DECA participates in many activities throughout the year (leadership activities and conferences - sometimes out of the state; listen to guest/motivational speakers; organizat and implement community service; socialize and network with other students and schools; and participate in local, state, and international competitions.

Why should I join DECA?

DECA provides unique experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Students feel like they are part of a family or a team as they help each other out and celebrate successes. DECA is also great to add to a resume. Many employers were involved in DECA themselves.

How is the RedZone connected to DECA?

The RedZone was created by DECA members in 2004-05. It makes sense since students are studying business and marketing. The store gives students an opportunity to put their learning into action by owning and operating the store.