FCS Gifted Services

District Plan for the Identification of and Services for Students Who Are Gifted

Goals of Fostoria City Schools Gifted Services 

  • Facilitate the development of the gifted child by addressing his/her unique needs socially, academically and emotionally

  • Enhance the academic achievement and motivation of gifted students by engaging them in an academically enriched and academically accelerated environment

  • Provide gifted students with the necessary tools to use effective problem solving skills and decision making strategies to prepare them for meaningful participation in society.                                                              

  • Allow students to have the opportunity to interact and learn from other academically and socially similar peers.

Identification for Gifted Services

A district- wide screening and assessment process is employed to identify those children eligible to receive gifted services. The State of Ohio and House Bill 282 have set the criteria for gifted identification. 

To meet the state regulated standards, along with the Fostoria City Schools gifted plan submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, a student must score two standard deviations above the mean minus the standard error of measurement on an intelligence test, perform at or above the 95th percentile on a basic or composite battery of an nationally normed achievement test, or attain an approved score on an above-grade level standardized, nationally normed test listed on the current “Chart of Approved Gifted Identification/Screening Instruments” from The Ohio Department of Education.  

All students in grades 2 and 5 are screened annually using Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® (NNAT3) which is a brief, nonverbal measure of general intellectual ability that yields a norm-based score.                                      

Specific Academic Abilities of all students in grades K-8 are screened three times a year using MAP Growth (Measures of Academic Progress). For specific IQ scores needed in Creative Thinking identification, please refer to the parent pamphlet titled "Assessment Instruments Used for Gifted Identification”. A score of 51 or higher on the “Scales for Rating the Behavior Characteristics of Superior Students” (SRBCSS) can also be used for identification.  

Visual or Performing Arts identification requires a score of 53 for Art, 34 for Music or 48 for Drama from the “Scales for Rating the Behavior Characteristics of Superior Students” (SRBCSS), along with a successful Display of Work for Art, a successful music audition or a successful Drama performance. 

Referrals/Transfer Students

Referrals for testing may also be made by the student (self referral), parents/guardians, teachers, peers, administrators and other related professionals.  Fostoria City Schools provides at least two opportunities per year to test any child in grades K-12.

Any student transferring into the district will be assessed within 90 days of the transfer at the request of the parent.

In addition, Fostoria City Schools has additional tests available to ensure that we meet the needs of underrepresented populations. To request testing or reconsideration, please contact the Coordinator of Gifted Services listed in the margin of this page.

Once written parental permission is  received, further testing is completed.  Parents are notified within 30 days of receipt of any screening procedure or assessment results.

Parents have the opportunity to appeal test  results. To appeal, submit a letter explaining your concerns to the building principal or coordinator of gifted services.

Gifted Service(s) Provided

Students identified in the areas of mathematics, reading, language arts, creativity and superior cognitive in grades 3-8 are served by either a gifted intervention specialist or regular classroom teacher who has met ODE’s requirement for high quality professional development in gifted education and is supported by the gifted coordinator or a gifted intervention specialist.               

Additional Gifted Service Options

Early Entrance into Kindergarten, Whole Grade Acceleration, College Credit Plus and Early High School Graduation.

Does my child need to re-qualify for services every year?
Students do not need to re-qualify for gifted services on a yearly basis. Once identified, he/she will continue to receive services unless a modification is requested by the parent and/or gifted coordinator.

How is my gifted child evaluated?

In accordance with Fostoria City School policy, all student progress in the district is evaluated quarterly throughout the year. Parent conferences will be scheduled for each grade level in the fall and spring. At this time parents, students and their teacher(s) and/or the gifted coordinator will meet to discuss the student’s Written Education Plan (WEP) and progress. The student’s classroom teacher will also be a part of the WEP process.

Throughout the school year, parents are encouraged to contact the regular classroom teacher,  gifted intervention specialist and/or the coordinator of gifted services to discuss student progress, ask questions, or present any concerns they may have. Contact information is located in the right margin of this page.

Written Education Plans (WEPs) 

  • Are the primary tool for communication among stakeholders in gifted student learning and is required to count as services for gifted identified students in the Educational Management Information System (EMIS).

  • Include any modifications to the course content or instruction that change the depth and complexity of the learning.

  • Include goals and specific, measurable learning targets or outcomes for the individual gifted student.

  • Specify where the gifted learners can best meet the learning targets specified in the evaluation process.  

The Fostoria City School District recognizes that gifted students need differentiated curriculum and instruction and support services in order to fully develop their cognitive, academic, creative and artistic abilities, or to excel in a specific content area, including opportunities to exceed grade level academic indicators and benchmarks. (0AC 3301-15-51 (D))

Contact Information

Linda Bertsch-Uveges
Coordinator of Gifted Services

Mr. Mike Daring
Fostoria Jr./Sr. High School


Mrs. Kori Bernal

Fostoria Elementary