PaySchools Central

PaySchools Central is a payment service that allows families to pay for items such as registration fees, food service, school fees, Chromebook Premium, athletic fees, and donations online at your convenience. With SchoolPay, there is no need for cash or sending money with students. Pay online from anywhere, anytime, on any device via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or electronic check.

The new lunch and payment system is live, and you can register your account online. You can click here for the PSC registration guide for reference to help you with this.  Once your account is registered, you can log in and add money to the account.  During the registration process, you will need your student's ID number.  If you do not know this number, you can find it by logging into Final Forms and going to their profile.  This is not the same as their four-digit PIN/code. 

If you have any issues and need assistance, you can reach out to PaySchools at 877-393-6628.  You can also click here to access the PSC guide to show you how to add a payment method and complete payment.

Though it is convenient when making multiple payments over time, you are not required to save payment information to make payments. PaySchools Central is PCI-DSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

If your account is already set up, click the button below to sign in.