Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Wines

The Ohio Alpha Delta Kappa Psi Chapter of Fostoria, Ohio, started a new program last year!  We are so excited to offer the teachers of the Fostoria City Schools four instructional grants to use in their classrooms.  The teachers submitted in September of 2022 their applications for the grant.  They described the programs they wanted to institute in their classrooms through the financial assistance of this grant.  

Last year in February of 2022, two teachers were awarded this chapter’s first teacher grants.  This award allowed them to purchase materials to use with their students.  The grant applicants had to show how this money would enable the teacher to better meet their children's needs and instruct them on different state standards for their curriculums.   

Last year’s recipients were Tammy Helberg, Kindergarten teacher, and Bethany Zambori-Sanford, elementary guidance counselor.  Tammy wanted to inspire her students by researching the types of birds found in the community and creating birdhouses.  The students will write about how they built their houses and share them with their classmates.  

Bethany completed training and provided teachers with information about incorporating mindfulness activities within the classroom.  This would help students to regulate their emotions and “help them to focus on their awareness of the present moment and tune into their mind and body.”  She hopes to create a school-wide program.

This year’s recipients at the Fostoria Elementary School are Lori Miller, second-grade teacher, to purchase instructional materials for language arts, and Elly Schnitker, preschool, to purchase a light table for preschoolers. Fostoria Jr. Sr. High School recipients are Amy Masterson, FJSHS Library Media Specialist, to purchase literature materials, and Autumn Simpson, Intervention Specialist, to purchase hands-on materials for jr. high math.

 Article submitted by Mrs. Carol Wines.